Stay at Home Mom jobs

If one thinks doing home daycare would be good for her then that might be an option. You can make quite a bit of money while being able to stay home with your children. And since, her kids would be playing with the other kids; her job wouldn’t take her away from being with her own children. For me, this has been the ideal job. Who knows, when my children are in school full time, I may return to work outside of the home, but for now, we are quite happy with this arrangement and it may work for your friend also. Presently, I have 4 full time daycare children. Potential $100.00 per day!! ($500.00) a week!! I couldn’t make that working out of the home and having pay $1000.00 per month for my two children to be in daycare. Mention it to her. You do have to be cut out for this type of work, though. It isn’t for everyone.

Is there anyone who enjoys these things and doesn’t think they are a social blight? I know I feel used and abused when people put pressure on me to attend this crap — and of course the companies involved are counting on the guilt factor to foist junk on friends. Might as well go all the way and just try selling all your friends whole life insurance.