Solutions for Bad Daycares

Let’s say, for sake of argument that the government decides to give a tax break to families like yours. (Or are you simply arguing that the tax break for families like MINE should be eliminated? I think they call those sour grapes.) How would such a break be determined. How much money would you get to save? After all, if I get a really cheap daycare, I would get to save less than someone who has to pay more. And how would Uncle Sam determine if mom is staying home with the kids because they can truly afford to do so because dad makes a good wage, or if they are struggling to pay the bills but feel it is very important for mom (or dad) to be home all day. Or, for that matter, if both parents are indeed employed full time and so making lots of money, but they happen to have been able to take advantage of a free child care provider. (After all, hardly seems right that YOU should get a $500 tax break while paying nothing at all but making two incomes while I get a $500 tax break for paying $2500 a year for child care.)

You have also avoided one other point that I have had in earlier posts. The government allows us to deduct many expenses that are necessary for work. I am partially self employed as a writer. The government allows me to deduct the costs of postage stamps that I use to send out my work, and of professional books and journals. If I wanted to keep track of it, I could even deduct the mileage for every trip to the post office and the electricity and ink I use to run my computer and print things out. They RECOGNIZE that these expenses are necessary for my work; therefore I do not have to pay taxes on that money. Now I COULD decide to have a job that has no overhead. Poor me …. I couldn’t deduct ANYTHING on my Schedule C. Or I could rent a private office for $500 a month and stick my computer in it. Then I could deduct $6000 a year! But since I don’t make anywhere near that amount off my writing that would be a bit silly. (But, as long as I make a profit at least 3 years out of 5 (meaning I would only be able to deduct a portion of that rent), the government wouldn’t care. They would accept that I need an office to do my job. It is a necessary expense.