Do Boys Ever Think They’re Ready for Kids?

On top of that, a recent NPR program described a case where a group of boys is regularly asked to spend a portion of each week taking care of small babies. He announcer also mentioned that the boys now look forward to it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more details on this, but it certainly sounds good. Indeed, very good! Those boys can now go out and get babysitting jobs or childcare jobs, moving in on the girls who monopolize it, and preparing themselves to be involved fathers.

Except that the current monopoly will work very hard to keep them off “their turf”. As does any monopoly which is threatened. Those boys are probably less likely to be afraid of, or threatened by, babies. However, they may be more aware of the responsibilities of: kids. In practice you probably need to convince the parents (especially mothers), who are the people who select babysitters… Chances are that if you are human, you have been babysat before.

Safety screen: Worker Tests to Protect Children

Childcare workers, school bus drivers, teachers and ministers of religion will be screened for child sex convictions under new laws to come into effect next month. All people working with children including scout leaders, private tutors and sports coaches who have direct access to children will have to make a legal declaration that they have no child-related convictions.

All preferred applicants for jobs that involve working with children will be screened for child abuse, child pornography, sexual activity or indecent acts. All other paid employees and volunteers in childcare jobs including amusement arcade workers, nurses and doctors in children’s wards and hospitals, scout and guide leaders, ministers of religion and sporting coaches will be screened.

In an Australian first, all new preferred applicants for jobs with children will also be checked for Apprehended Violence Orders involving children and completed disciplinary matters relating to children. The new laws, among the toughest in the world, will apply to anyone in unsupervised contact with children in both the public and private sectors and volunteer organizations.

Employers will also be able to do “spot checks” on employees to ensure children in their care are not at risk. If someone is declared a “Prohibited Person”, their name is registered with the Commission for Children and Young People and they will be banned from any child-related employment

The Importance of Preschool

Preschool is not academically necessary, any more than traditional school is necessary. However, like any other homeschooling parent a parent who chooses not to do the traditional preschool or childcare jobs should be sure that their kids have social interaction with other kids, time spent listening to books, and lots of learning experiences-in fact, all kids need these no matter what type of preschool they have.

Having said this, some public schools and many private schools look on preschool as a beneficial thing to have on school entrance, because of the social and behavioral aspects. If this is the case in your area, it’s a good idea for your child to have some pre-k experience, so he/she won’t be viewed as “less able” than the students who have it, regardless of actual skills.

The learning philosophy is important. There are four basic kinds of preschool philosophies: Montessori, Waldorf, academic, and playful learning. There was always some free play time, with various centers (blocks, play kitchen, book corner) available for each child to choose. Then there were age-appropriate toys, stories, craft projects, and activities for the whole class. These always had a learning component, but there was never any “school work” that was identifiable as such. There was outside time with a jungle gym and swings, except in very inclement weather

How to Cut the Cost of College?

Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to pull things out of context? So what IS the point of going to college for years to in order to hold the lowest level care home and daycare jobs? If all someone is going to be doing is lifting dead weight and shoveling shit, they can get those childcare jobs right off the street. My very highly accomplished aunt was an RN, and it was a field that I had considered as a kid. This country would grind to a halt without RN’s. Or rather, there would be a four hand scramble to get substitutes in pronto, and open new schools to train new ones.

The case in point is the two year degree RN programs. You would be hard put to point out any other professional field that has a shortcut to someone who needs the work. Nursing is one field where the educational dept doesn’t throw in roadblocks to getting there. An LPN essentially undergoes a training-on-the-job with a few classes, and the program quite often IS specifically intended to get people trained to do some of the “nursing” jobs that don’t require much technical knowledge (cleaning and changing dressings, etc.).

How to Choose a Preschool

In general, they pay very poorly, have Teacher-child ratios at the max, and have high turnover (and probably less-trained staff.) It is rare for a chain center to have the NAEYC credentials or to have much representation at conferences. Look for things such as sending teachers home and combining classes if numbers are low (a very poor policy, for the children’s sake, and contributes greatly to staff turnover), Staff members working more than 8 hours (same problems-occasional overtime is fine, but not habitually), and teaching staff doing jobs which shouldn’t be in the job description (the teaching staff shouldn’t be pulled away from the kids to clean bathrooms, for example.

There should be after-hours custodial staff.) Always check inspection reports. These are required to be posted. Check the kitchen as well, and look at the menus, if food is served. The chains often have better school-aged programs then some of the alternatives (where school aged kids will get lumped in with preschoolers) and can be cost-effective for parents.

How to Make a Private Daycare More Cooperative

Sounds like you are becoming unhappy and distrustful of the day care staff, or at least with some of the staff and/or management of the staff. Just based on that info you probably want to look into a new daycare situation. I know it is hard to do things like that. If you have other ‘commercial’ day care centers in your area might want to look into them. Also if you have not ruled out home daycare I encourage you to look into it as well. Lastly – don’t rule out ‘church’ based childcare jobs programs simply because you are not of that faith.

You could do a listserv on what is probably essentially a case of old fashioned office politics in a big setting (which would be about as effective as them setting up a listserv about the office politics where you work), or you can find a place in which such silly goings on is unlikely. I would suggest looking into home daycare, where there is one provider (or possibly more, with another adult or two in her employ) in business for herself, little or no turnover, and a small and more flexible setting.

Daycare Alternatives

All people who use daycare are ”dumping” their kids… I have no problem with it for older kids, and realize that in some places it’s safe for even the little ones. I’m just frustrated that I can’t find any useful information from anyone I’ve met around here, and that anyone who isn’t berating me for not being a SAHM is ridiculing me for thinking that it matters who’s watching my baby. I actually had two mothers in the area tell me the other day that I “think too much”, “daycare is all the same, they rip you off for letting your kid play on their floor”, and “it really isn’t worth asking them about anything but price, you’ll see that when you aren’t such an overexcited new mom.” I’m starting to feel as if I’m the only person in the world who takes a middle ground. Anyhow, I was commenting on some of the people I’ve met here, not on childcare jobs-users worldwide.

What is the legal situation where you are? In the UKall child minders (home daycare) and nurseries have to be licensed. The majority have trained, qualified staff, with pediatric first aid certificates kept current. I am a child minder, and it does annoy me that people will (illegally) leave their baby with a neighbor rather than properly investigate childcare alternatives….. Anyway, if you use a child minder/home daycare then you do have a strong say in what goes on. Usually, there will only be a handful of children (UK rules are up to six children, including the child minder’s own) and you will get to know them all. Good child minders have open door policies, so you are welcome anytime to pop in and visit, and consult parents about everything – the parent is the primary career, not the minder.

Home Daycare

I live in London Ontario and own and operate my own private home-based daycare. It is called Little Hands. I have a Business license simply for there name but I am not a licensed daycare facility. Like Leslie and some of the others had mentioned, you can have up to 5 children in your home and not have to be licensed. IN a licensed home daycare you can only have up to 5 children as well including your own, so if you have 1 child he/she needs to be included in your ratio of kids. Having past 5 children could get you in some deep water as this is actually considered illegal and plus your insurance company will not insure you past the 5 children limit.

If anything were to ever happen to a child who isn’t insured the parents would probably sue you left and right! My insurance company will only insure me for up to a maximum of 3 children and if and when I get past that # of children in my care, they told me to look elsewhere for insurance both for my daycare and house. I have not had past 3 children yet and I have been in operation since Sept/01. I advertised my daycare on bulletin boards in grocery stores, etc and in our local newspaper. In all honesty, I did not have much success finding children ( I got one child through the newspaper ads which I had been advertising for over 2 months to the tune of $82/month! I had also signed up with a local childcare network called London Caregivers Referral Network and that was about $32/month and I didn’t find even one child through those means! Needless to say, it has not been easy for me finding children to take into my daycare and competition here in London is fierce!

Taking Advantage of Daycare

Some parents are taking advantage of their daycare providers. Numerous parents go through the same cycles. They bring their children to childcare job centers and the first few weeks they have a very difficult time leaving their children, there are tears from both the children and parents. But after getting adjusted the advantage taking begins. Parents start picking up later and later, and dropping off earlier and earlier. They stop feeding their children breakfast in the morning, expectation us to do it. They start showing up without phone calls five to thirty minutes after closing time, with no apologies. Many parents try to fool us and pretend they don’t get off work until five thirty or six o’clock when we know they get off work at three- thirty, why aren’t they spending that valuable time with their children!

Another way of taking advantage is by ignoring the illness guidelines. By law sick children are not allowed to attend daycare. If a child is vomiting or has diarrhea they must be kept home for at least twenty four hours after the symptoms have stopped. Many parents don’t want to miss work so they lie about their children being sick.

Many times a child will get sick at daycare, and daycare providers will call the parents and say their child has a fever of 102, and has been crying and throwing up since you dropped him off, and the most common response is for the parents to get angry at us for calling them at work and expecting them to come pick their child up! Day after day I see parents dropping off their children sick. The children don’t want to come they want to be with their parents when they aren’t well, but the parents still drop them off and say It’s only allergies, or their breakfast didn’t agree with them.

Daycare Rates

Price does not equal better care. Just because the price is higher does not mean the care is better. Nor can you depend on the appearance of the facility. Of course you want a clean and safe facility but the most important factor is the care giver. You can’t judge a care giver on a short question and answer visit. Nor can you depend on government worker to screen care providers for you. After you narrow your list down you need to take time to drop in at busy hours and observe. Don’t take your child to a facility that won’t allow these parents should always be welcome. Also don’t expect parents using a facility to look at it with a critical eye. Lastly talk about cost. There are many way to reduce cost. If you have a flexible job sometimes you can do some work in trade? Your husband or you might trade some yard or house work to reduce cost. Sometime you can watch the care givers children at nights and weekends in trade.

With my first I was a full time student on aid and had to be very creative to get day care so I could finish school and support my daughter. I never spent top dolor but I always had the best care for her. I plumbed a new sink in on providers home for a month of free care, I spent a weekend at her house watching her kids (with mine in tow), I worked a week during summer break so she could go on vacation and I also provide care when she became ill, and drove her daughter to swim lesions. When I switch to center based care when my daughter was older I came in at night a cleaned and did odd jobs for the owner. Even if you can’t exchange work for childcare jobs rates can be negotiable especially if you pay cash in advance and can get a fixed rate instead of an hourly one. My best day care value was a woman who lived near by who’s husband had died and her kids had all moved away. She did not drive but loved children. I took her shopping and to the bank and she spoiled my daughter. She did not want any money and loves having a little girl in the house to bake cookies with and read books to.