Daycare Dilemma

I’m in somewhat the dilemma. My son is 2 1/2yo, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to keep him home with me since he was seven months old. I recently tried putting him in daycare part-time, for the social experience, but also to give me a chance to do some of my work-at-home during the day. However, he has had one illness after another since he started, and after going through rosella followed directly by pneumonia, I decided that this was not a great idea right now.

However, we are moving this summer, and I will have to find a job after we move, meaning that I will also have to find daycare for Michael, if not for Kate (who will be in first grade, but who has been in some form of daycare since she was a year old). We had a private sitter for Michael when he was an infant, since I don’t feel comfortable about putting an infant in group daycares, but my husband and I both had well-paying childcare jobs then, and we felt the expense was worth it. I doubt I can find a job that pays that well this time around, so I’m thinking about trying a smaller homecare situation, where there are a lot fewer kids to transmit diseases to each other.