Affirmative Action

If women have a “lock” on the childcare jobs (a 90% rate of awarding child custody to women reflects this) and on the “educational slots” that permit them to stay at home if they choose, then should we implement affirmative action for men? Unfortunately, there *aren’t* such “educational slots”. People don’t really learn how to parent. Most mothers (as well as fathers) often feel ill-equipped for the job. There aren’t really any educational programs (Home Ec is pretty negligible) for this purpose.

Men tend to be prevented by work-constraints and social-constraints. Even when they might want to learn, the expectation that they are incompetent, tied with the volume of mistakes most parents make at the start, may stop them from being persistent. There seems to me also to be a kind of female “machismo” in that women are expected to know how to raise children, so often they will “bluff” their way through and refuse to give up. Furthermore, because they might feel nobody would accept their giving up, they “quietly” go through all the unadvertised mistakes that +everyone+ makes when learning to parent.