Quality Family Life

There is a downside to practically everything. So if a mother shops her kids off to daycare and does not realize this, she is just not facing reality. I see them racing by me in the morning with their kids all bundled up in their child seats, and I say “I don’t want to go to work, I KNOW that they really don’t.” It’s got to be pure hell parting with those kids every morning, especially to the conditions which you describe. [I am sure there are notable exceptions, of course, but these do not disprove the general rule.]

And people who do not want to be parents such as you described in part of your post ought not to do so. People who do want to be parents ought to insist on changes in the community and society that will optimize the parenting. The problem is not just that family who cannot afford what you might consider *Quality* childcare jobs is having to put their children in non-quality… (Is this also *cheap* daycare?)….gee whiz….the point is that DAYCARE is not a quality concept. We tell ourselves it is so we can justify that we are doing it.

For single parents…we have a difficult issue here…one that includes considering that it is cost effective to support mothers to be home and stop criticizing them as “on welfare”. We do not live in an enlightened society…anyone who thinks we are ….needs to contact you off list!! (You are a psychiatrist and they need help with reality orientation) The real economic issue is that we are a consumer society and the only real purpose we have is to have consumers and we think we have to have everyone going home with a paycheck so they can go spend it on stuff they will throw away or didn’t need anyhow!!! I love to shop and spend money and buy stuff. I love my children and grandchildren MORE. Change the priority. Re-engineer the marketplace and send a parent home!!!

Childcare Centers and the Wide Range of Opportunities

One of the major concerns of the patients in this current era is regarding the how to take care of their children during their working times. However, there are lots of good quality and affordable day care services for the children; especially for those who are under the age of five. As the need for the day care centers are increasing largely, the Childcare employment opportunities also began to increase widely. As the educated parents are concerned about their child, they will be in search for the institutes which are providing trained and qualified staff.

In order to work in such a setting, you will have to undergo certain courses and then become well qualified. There are many centers which are providing training in Childcare courses. Once the course is completed, they will be getting a Childcare degree certification. This is found to be very much useful in getting a job as a childcare worker. The true fact is that, those who are working in these kinds of centers are getting better recognition in this current period. As the move for improving the education as well as the childcare was being developed by government, the workers can ensure that the government will provide enough support for moving smoothly and in a well-organized manner.

As the Childcare jobs are gaining more and more attention, the workers will be gaining more access to certain extra privileges. You can either opt for part-time working or as a full-time worker. The wages will be decided based on whether you are working for part-time or for full-time. This is one of the most satisfied and full-edged profession which has got several advantages. Even if you are working as a part-time worker, you will be provided with the right to enjoy all the additional benefits which are offered to the full-time childcare workers.

There are various kinds of jobs in the child care industry. You can choose any one of the profession based on your criterion and know-how. Certain specialized training should be attended by those babysitters who are working in the most reputable firms. The most essential element is that, you should be a person who likes working in this area. However, some of the registered daycares will not be demanding for any certification in order to work there. But the responsibilities as well as duties which are assigned to them will be the same.

The babysitters will have to dress and bathe the kids, put them for a nap, guide them in playing and also in learning some of the basic lessons, play pleasure games with the and also should take them for a walk in the playground. All these factors will be greatly affecting the mental status of the child. In addition, there are various other facilities which are offered by the daycare centers. Plan for the previous days will be pre-set by the authorities and the babysitters will be carrying out it in the right manner. In certain cases, the childcare workers will have to handle certain emergency situations. How to provide first aid to the babies will be well taught while attending the courses.

Know More about the Childcare Job Details

A childcare degree indicates to the parents and the employers that you have got the skills and enough knowledge to take care of the children in the most efficient manner. There are wide ranges of childcare courses available. There are even many options for the online classes. The courses which are conducted will provide you with better qualifications which are approved by the National Qualifications Framework. While considering the choices which are available, check all the aspects which are obtainable with your course provider. Some of the basic credentials on offer will require that you should possess work experience with the children.

If you are having work experience, then it would make a progress in your childcare jobs career. Undergoing various courses in this field will help in gaining more skills and this in turn will increase the satisfaction and enjoyment of doing this work. The course is available corresponding to different varied groups of age. When you are searching specific options via online, you could find that there are several units which may be included in each and every course. However, child safety is considered to be more important. This may include safety in all the environments including nursery, home, school, garden and also while traveling.

Hygienic training is also being provided to the learners while attending the sessions. Another important aspect is regarding the child’s behavior management. All the required educational topics are being covered and at the end of the training sessions, the qualified ones will be issued with the certifications. This will help them in getting childcare employment. Social, emotional and also personal development education will be included within the basic aspects of the problem solving, communication skills, physical, reasoning and creative development. The entire learning is being provided to the learners along with worthwhile, effective and also with enjoyable activities.

Exercise, diet, and nutrition are considered to be the most essential features which affects the health and therefore is it included in the courses as the most important element. Working along with the disabled children is found to be further specialized kind of study. Featuring these kinds of topic in the course units are considered to be the method of providing apt activities for the disable children. They will also be included with the activities of the other children. Thus the entire thing is carried out in an enjoyable and pleasing manner.

While looking into the various programs which are currently available, you can find that there are many institutes which are offering distance education type of courses. The total hours which are required for the completion of the online courses will be detailed on the relevant websites itself. The sites will also be containing all the added features of the program which you are opting. Online videos and discussion will be made available to the students. Thus the students will be able to study beyond the borders of the teaching space. Check the certification which the courses are offering while you are doing it via online.

Childcare Jobs – The Ultimate Career For You

Most of us love children simply because of their innocent nature. They are a gift from the God almighty. The funny personality of children draws our attention very easily. If you feel they are very adorable and lovable and you want to help them, then you can try out pursuing a career in child care. When it comes to childcare jobs, the employees take care of the children in such a way that their parents need not be vexed about anything at all.

There are some important points that you should keep in mind before you set out for a childcare employment interview.

Body piercing and tattoos
Even though, body piercing and tattoos are a person’s way of expressing themselves, it is not the thing that this job calls for. The parents wish for safety hands that can take care of their children. And the site of tattoos and body piercing can lessen their confidence in you. If you have one or tattoos on your body that is somewhat tolerable, but tattoos and piercing holes that are extensively distributed throughout your body will definitely prevent you from getting this job.

Practice dictation
It is quite common to become nervous when you face an interview. You tend to have slur speech during this occasion. Therefore, you must practice before you go for an interview. Let the interviewers must know that you are able to read well and well-spoken. The nature of job to teach the students lessons of good moral values and other subjects. Hence, you require a good deal of communication skills.

Dress formally
You have to notice people in day care centers how the dress up. A formal dressing is recommended for attending child care job interview. It pleases the person who interviews you. Dressing up casually may loose your chance of getting get the job in day care centers.

Let’s take a quick look at the childcare courses that are being offered. The childcare degree offered by child care courses should be approved by the government’s National Qualification framework.

Since there are many courses available today, you must check carefully on this aspect to prevent you from fraudulence and deception. The child care courses are mainly divided according to the age groups. And when you check out about these courses in the internet, you will be able to find many units in it. Among them, child safety is the chief component. It includes the children’s safety in environment such as garden, school, as well as home. Management of the child behavior helps the children to develop good character. It teaches them how to mingle with other fellow being and act according to the situation. Even education topics are included in child care course. Topics on diet, nutrition as well as exercise provided in the course are specially designed for improving and maintaining the health of children. Other topics that are covered likely are problem solving, communication skills, reasoning and physical development. Pursuing a career in this field can surely bring rewarding profits to your life.

Daycare Dilemma

I’m in somewhat the dilemma. My son is 2 1/2yo, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to keep him home with me since he was seven months old. I recently tried putting him in daycare part-time, for the social experience, but also to give me a chance to do some of my work-at-home during the day. However, he has had one illness after another since he started, and after going through rosella followed directly by pneumonia, I decided that this was not a great idea right now.

However, we are moving this summer, and I will have to find a job after we move, meaning that I will also have to find daycare for Michael, if not for Kate (who will be in first grade, but who has been in some form of daycare since she was a year old). We had a private sitter for Michael when he was an infant, since I don’t feel comfortable about putting an infant in group daycares, but my husband and I both had well-paying childcare jobs then, and we felt the expense was worth it. I doubt I can find a job that pays that well this time around, so I’m thinking about trying a smaller homecare situation, where there are a lot fewer kids to transmit diseases to each other.

Working Mothers

What would help me as a working mom is fair treatment from politicians and the media. I enjoy my life, and wouldn’t have it any other way, but it would be way cool not to have quite so many people thinking that I am doing something wrong and looking down their noses at me. (1) Quit it with the “it’s better if young children are home with one parent.” Pfui. Americans like the idea better, that’s all. Show me some legitimate research that shows this (there isn’t any). Really, both ways are fine. Kids like daycare and thrive there. Kids like to be at home and thrive there, too.

(2) Quit comparing childcare jobs with some impossible ideal of stay-at-home parenthood. I represent women getting restraining orders, and I’ve seen plenty of stay at home parents who have had their parental rights terminated. I’m *not* saying this is typical: it isn’t. But neither is the perfect mom (the image *is* a mom, not a dad) who takes her children out for interesting educational field trips every day, never loses her temper, never sticks her kids in front of the TV so she can get something done, gives her children only educational toys and nutritional food. Compare daycare to the *average* stay at home parent, not what you’d like to believe she is like.

(3) Quit it with the “some women *have* to work.” It is fine to work, even if you wouldn’t starve otherwise. (4) Bring some coherence to the treatment of poor women and middle class women. Poor women are supposed to “get off their butts and work”. Middle class women are supposed to quit their jobs and stay home, even if they’d much rather not. (5) Quit it with the working moms versus stay at home moms attitude. I know that U.S. likes to view everything as a big fight (preferably akin to pro wrestling), but this shouldn’t be a fight. We are all moms who love their kids, and we should be on the same side.

Daycare: Would Targeted Tax Credits Discriminate?

The Family Income Report provides color pictures showing trends of real median family incomes to increase awareness. Incomes have hardly improved past 2 1/2 decades, especially compared to the rate of improvement for prior generations – – especially for families with children – – while their tax rates for homes, FICA, etc. are much higher than prior generations. It is understandable such places economic stress on many families, forcing more mothers to seek work outside the home than might otherwise be the case – – and getting others to help pay day care cost is of interest to them.

Some family members justify their choice of mom working or not by saying it ‘takes 2 incomes to make ends meet,’ and they naturally hope for cheap daycare subsidized by others if possible. Yet the level of consumption & life style desired by some families (as necessary to ‘meet their needs’) may be much more than would be accepted by others as necessary to ‘meet their needs’ when considering priorities for mom to be home or not. For example, family A may desire consumption levels of new cars and furniture, eating out and packaged vacations requiring mom to work, whereas family B might reduce consumption by use of older cars and 2nd-hand furniture in a smaller house with only short vacations and less eating out – in order for mom to be at home full-time. Why, then, should government intervene to un-naturally shape social behavior and family choice in favor of those subcontracting childcare jobs (family A) vs. those families (family B) sacrificing consumptive life styles so mom can be at home because they believe a full-time mom is best and not want daycare of their children by others – – and when the ’stay-at-home-mother’ families would be required to chip in taxes to subsidize the others? Additionally, there is a Family C where high consumption can occur even if mom does not work, but mom wants to work for other reasons and therefore subcontracts daycare, but would also like day care subsidized by others. Is family B being discriminated against in favor of families A and C? Is it necessary for government to take actions promoting one family choice but not another?

Solutions for Bad Daycares

Let’s say, for sake of argument that the government decides to give a tax break to families like yours. (Or are you simply arguing that the tax break for families like MINE should be eliminated? I think they call those sour grapes.) How would such a break be determined. How much money would you get to save? After all, if I get a really cheap daycare, I would get to save less than someone who has to pay more. And how would Uncle Sam determine if mom is staying home with the kids because they can truly afford to do so because dad makes a good wage, or if they are struggling to pay the bills but feel it is very important for mom (or dad) to be home all day. Or, for that matter, if both parents are indeed employed full time and so making lots of money, but they happen to have been able to take advantage of a free child care provider. (After all, hardly seems right that YOU should get a $500 tax break while paying nothing at all but making two incomes while I get a $500 tax break for paying $2500 a year for child care.)

You have also avoided one other point that I have had in earlier posts. The government allows us to deduct many expenses that are necessary for work. I am partially self employed as a writer. The government allows me to deduct the costs of postage stamps that I use to send out my work, and of professional books and journals. If I wanted to keep track of it, I could even deduct the mileage for every trip to the post office and the electricity and ink I use to run my computer and print things out. They RECOGNIZE that these expenses are necessary for my work; therefore I do not have to pay taxes on that money. Now I COULD decide to have a job that has no overhead. Poor me …. I couldn’t deduct ANYTHING on my Schedule C. Or I could rent a private office for $500 a month and stick my computer in it. Then I could deduct $6000 a year! But since I don’t make anywhere near that amount off my writing that would be a bit silly. (But, as long as I make a profit at least 3 years out of 5 (meaning I would only be able to deduct a portion of that rent), the government wouldn’t care. They would accept that I need an office to do my job. It is a necessary expense.

Day Care Centers in Libraries

I remember mentioning on the list a few weeks ago that there needs to be daycare available EVERYWHERE that women go. I believe childcare jobs should be performed by trained, qualified personnel. Women are no longer at home all day long being SOLELY professional wives and mothers the way they were in the 19th century….therefore, there will need to be safe, affordable daycare EVERYWHERE that women need to go. I say this because the idea of having day care centers attached to libraries, or to the schools with which they are affiliated, is appealing, but there are still questions of staffing, space, and cost which don’t go away just because we say it’s the responsibility of ”the management of the places where women go.”

Someone does have to pay for these services, regardless of whether you’re talking about a not-for-profit entity or a private business. In the case of the former, it’s the tax-payers, usually, and therefore less obvious and painful, except when the tax bill comes. In the case of the latter, it’s the consumers–including the childless and those who actually can handle their kids, maybe even preferring to have them along rather than in professional day care while they are shopping, who pay. We select the place we do our shopping largely on the basis of price and a place that offered such superfluous day care services would not likely be competitive.

The word “affordable” is a key. What is affordable when you’re living at the limits of your budget anyway? Unless it’s subsidized, there’s no way this day care service is going to be provided by professionals. Drop-in day care is virtually impossible to make into a self-supporting enterprise. I’m puzzled at the idea that children would somehow be better served by spending the whole day going in and out of various professionally-run day care centers than spending time with their parents. Have we really reached the point where our children are so unmanageable that we cannot handle them while shopping in a supermarket, standing in a waiting line at a post office or utility company, etc., so we need to have other people paid to do that for is. If so, the fault lies not in the children or in society, but in ourselves, folks.

Different Features of Parenting and Employment

It makes a certain amount of theoretical sense, and, yes, you’re off-base on this. First, parents (or other guardians) have a joint full responsibility for the child. If they agree on a 50-50 split, and one of them (for any reason) does only 25 percent of the work at a given time, the other one can’t just stand back and say, “I’m doing my 50 percent.” The _work_ may be split 50-50, but the _responsibility_ is split 100-100. I just don’t see it making sense, socially, legally, or in any other real-world way, for an employer to be in a position to say, “Yes, your child has a high fever, but we think your spouse should take a sick day instead, so the kid’s just going to have to sit home alone and uncared for.”

That brings me to the second part, which is the extraordinarily offensive notion that employers should be able to micromanage their employees’ lives for maximum business convenience. Would you have to keep a log of child care activities to prove that you and your spouse shared the work equally? Bring it up to some kind of corporate hearing board in case of disputes? Sick leave and other forms of time off are specifically designated for illness of self or other family members. For employers to pass judgment on which family members should be allowed to take time off for bona fide illness at the very best invites a counterproductive bureaucratic mess. Thinking in such narrow, ompartmentalized terms is, btw, traditionally considered a male, “rational” activity. Determine what the childcare jobs portion is. Even if the employee IS divorced, suppose part of the responsibility of the non-custodial spouse involves helping out the custodial one if the kid is sick, so that one person doesn’t have to miss work all the time.